Bell Equipment – Cabs


Global manufactures the complete Cabin for Bell Equipment’s Articulated Dump Truck (ADT). These cabs are supplied to Bell’s factories in SA and Germany.
The ADT Cab shell is also supplied to John Deere Construction in USA.
We currently produce a complete cab every 67 minutes, and have produced over 17 000 cabs to date.

Fully compliant to all European & North American safety requirements.


  • Steel tubular frame clad with FRP (fibreglass reinforced panels).
  • All FRP components are produced using RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) Light.
  • All exterior and floor panels are produced with fire retardant resins.
  • All permanent FRP panels are bonded together.
  • Specified noise levels achieved with specific sound reducing materials in the floor and interior panels.
  • Features include: climate control, excellent visibility and an ergonomic interior.

Gibela/Prasa Train Interior


Gibela was established as a consortium between Alstom, Ubumbano Rail and New Africa Rail. Global is manufacturing the ceiling modules, luggage racks, partition wall doors and HV boxes for the new Prasa Passenger trains.

South Africa’s passenger train project is worth about R49.8 billion, one of the largest government deals in Africa. Gibela will build 3600 new train cars over the next 10 years, to help overhaul South Africa’s outdated rail network. The first batch of trains was delivered during 2015.

Nedbank Signage


Nedbank decided to improve the signage system by introducing a fresh, dynamic and comprehensive look and feel. They wanted to take this opportunity to lighten their footprint by investigating energy saving solutions through incorporating LED and photovoltaic technology in their new designs. The development of the signage system was done in conjunction with Brian Steinhobel, who is renowned as an industrial design and product development consultant. The signs are made from formed composites and Perspex components that are lit with LED lights.

Rebel Dinghy


Global developed a lightweight, easy to sail, dinghy in conjunction with G-force Yachting.

All components were vacuum infused to ensure consistency in weight and quality.


  • LOA: 4.31m
  • Beam: 1.43m
  • Mast height: 5.98m
  • Hull weight: 72kg
  • Hull: Resin infused, vacuum bagged FRP (fibreglass reinforced panels) with honeycomb core.

Key attributes:
Cost effective, simple, fast, and stable.

The objective of the Rebel project was to create a high performance, low cost dinghy, which would attract more young people to the sport of sailing. While the novice finds it easy to sail in the standard configuration, the upgraded boat provides an exhilarating sail for the experienced sailor.

Eskom Electric Car


Global was approached by ESKOM to design and build two prototype electric vehicles cars for a show in Paris. Even though the vehicles were a success, the funding for the project did not materialise.

Twister 730 Sport Fishing Boat


The twin-hull craft was designed by legendary engineer and designer Bob van Niekerk, has an overall length of 7.3m and a width of 2.95m, and falls into the 24ft craft category. The 3 major components (hull, sole and deck) are vacuum infused. The end result being a product that has been manufactured in a controlled environment to the same specifications every time.
The boat is fully assembled and fitted out with all components including motors.

Eco Wash


Global manufactured the MDU (mobile dispensing unit) for Eco Wash. Eco Wash uses virtually no water and its biodegradable cleansing formula and micro-fibre cleansing cloths ensure a high quality, environmentally friendly car wash.

The MDU has two storage devices, a retractable helicoil hose, a pistol nozzle, compartments for accessories, manual sprayers, a low-pressure supply system and many other features. The MDU saves water by using a minimal 300ml of liquid instead of 250 litres used in conventional car washes.

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